mercoledì 15 giugno 2016

Christian Giustardi: the beauty of made in Italy.

Nordic colors in a mediterranean temperament , partly by solar Naples , to find the right celebrity to Augsburg ( Augsburg ) in Germany

Statuesque , tall , short brown hair , blue-green eyes and a bright smile and warm , make the international model Christian Giustardi the " celebrity German Model " of the moment .

Required as the face for advertising of major brands , on the catwalk for German fashion symbol events recognized and stopped in the streets of Augsburg photographed and chased by many to remember selfies in the streets of a young and energetic Frankfurt , Christian comes to Italy to trace the popularity levied abroad .

" Of Fashion has always attracted me the creative side ; the freedom that through her they have to express themselves . "
" The outfits , experiments allow you to say who you are and what you want ; the matching clothes with accessories and choices to wear certain combinations on certain occasions and not others , talk about each one of us ; fashion is expression and communication , and to me this has always intrigued lot. "

Young , determined, with a picture and a savor faire by Prince Charming , it is precisely in Milan pawing that landed like , is already acclaimed . " They had all said that Milan is a comprehensive company able to offer a range inequiparabili opportunity to approach the world of fashion and image; I must admit that it is so ; I like it, I'm moving well and I'm establishing contacts and situations that I will even abroad; another one of my goals , New York is one of the destinations in the drawer . "

And ' the movement is one of its strengths ; " I am unable to sit still and wait for opportunities to come to me ; be at the mercy of events is not from me ... I am one who he wants if you are going to take ".

And if this there had noticed , to confirm also his last works ; It is in Germany face of advertising for the famous brand of car BMW , where the combination motor and fashion man has the sublime , up to the famous promotional campaign Sexxes where in a swirl of women , engines , luxury and madness, is consecrated icon sensual and charismatic of the moment .

Being in the spotlight is something that surely he does well, his accomplice undisputed natural beauty ; smiles observation : "Fashion is a real job , which as everyone has its merits and its faults ; among the great of the first category and recognize definitely I appreciate the opportunity it gives me to take care of myself , of my person , and my body ; psychological well-being is the basis of everything ; and then I love to travel and fashion let me.
Among the difficulties there are obviously the sacrifices , efforts , the ability to always be focused , the determination to persevere without being knock down by a thousand " because we'll know " that you can pick the countless casting , which does not always mean " not worth " .

Humility and determination , as well as the desire and ability to make are not lacking ; while living the Lombard metropolis between a shooting and another, book in hand, the jobs arrive and public and promotional opportunities where we will see the image and the Christian Giustardi face are in programming , stay tuned , therefore, it is a must . 

And ' possible to follow Christian both in his public holdings , which stay informed about its work , following him from public social profiles dedicated to him . 

Instagram : christiangiustardi

Deborah Brulard @DBCommunication 

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